About Me


I’ve lived in Banff for seven years, in which time I have evolved from a hiker into a runner focused on minimalist style, long distance and relative speed in technical terrain. In 2017 I embraced a largely self-powered approach, accessing most of my mountain adventures via my Argon 18 road bike.

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Mount Aylmer – 3h17m ascent, 5h48m RT (GPS)
Mount Aylmer Duathlon – 6h51m RT (GPS)
Mount Bourgeau – 1h51m ascent, 3h14m roundtrip (GPS | Fastest Known Time)
Cascade Mountain (from town) – 2h48m ascent, 4h51m RT (GPS)
Mount Fairview – 52min ascent, 1h21m roundtrip (GPS | Fastest Known Time)
Mount St. Piran-Fairview Link Up – 3h33m RT (GPS)
Mount Rundle (from town) – 1h55m ascent, 3h00m RT (GPS)
Sulphur Mountain – 35min ascent (GPS)
Sunwapta Peak – 1h59m ascent, 3h32m RT (GPS | Fastest Known Time)
Mount Temple – 1h26m ascent, 2h15m RT (GPS | (Fastest Known Time)
Mount Temple Duathlon – 10h05m RT (GPS | Fastest Known Time)

09/29/12 – 5Peaks Canmore Nordic Centre 14.5K, Canmore – 1h21m
10/07/12 – Grizzly Ultramarathon 50K, Canmore – 6h44m
07/06/13 – Sinister 7 Leg #3 35K, Crowsnest Pass – 4h34m
09/01/13 – Meet Your Maker 50mi, Whistler – 13h12m
05/31/14 – 5Peaks Terra Cotta, Caledon – 49m03s
06/29/14 – Canadian Mountain Running Championships, Golden – 1h14m
07/18/14 – TrailStoke 60K, Revelstoke – 6h08m
08/29/14 – Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc CCC 101K – 21h13m
10/12/14 – Grizzly Ultramarathon 50K, Canmore – 5h49m
05/24/15 – Banff Burner (Sulphur Mountain vertical race) – 35min (1st)
06/26/15 – Mont Blanc Marathon 80K – 13h22m (25th)
09/19/15 – Mount Revelstoke Glacier Grind 43K – 4h56m (5th)
25/06/16 – Cortina Skyrace 20K – 2h26m


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