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Hi, I’m Tom, a Banff, Alberta based mountain runner. I spent four summers screwing off bagging peaks ostensibly operating swimming pools in the Yukon before moving to the Rockies in 2011 and alchemically combining passions for scrambling and running into one single activity. In 2017, I embraced a largely self-powered fashion, accessing most of my mountain adventures via #approachbybike.

I’m an advocate for personal growth through challenge and voluntary hardship and believe the mountains are the perfect arena in which to accomplish that.

I’m looking for new running friends and partnerships. Holler at me:

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Mount Aylmer – 3h17m ascent, 5h48m RT (GPS)
Mount Aylmer Duathlon – 6h51m RT (GPS)
Mount Bourgeau – 1h51m ascent, 3h14m roundtrip (GPS | Fastest Known Time)
Cascade Mountain (from town) – 2h48m ascent, 4h51m RT (GPS)
Mount Fairview – 52min ascent, 1h21m roundtrip (GPS | Fastest Known Time)
Mount St. Piran-Fairview Link Up – 3h33m RT (GPS)
Mount Rundle (from town) – 1h55m ascent, 3h00m RT (GPS)
Sulphur Mountain – 35min ascent (GPS)
Sunwapta Peak – 1h59m ascent, 3h32m RT (GPS | Fastest Known Time)
Mount Temple – 1h26m ascent, 2h15m RT (GPS | (Fastest Known Time)
Mount Temple Duathlon – 10h05m RT (GPS)

09/29/12 – 5Peaks Canmore Nordic Centre 14.5K, Canmore – 1h21m
10/07/12 – Grizzly Ultramarathon 50K, Canmore – 6h44m
07/06/13 – Sinister 7 Leg #3 35K, Crowsnest Pass – 4h34m
09/01/13 – Meet Your Maker 50mi, Whistler – 13h12m
05/31/14 – 5Peaks Terra Cotta, Caledon – 49m03s
06/29/14 – Canadian Mountain Running Championships, Golden – 1h14m
07/18/14 – TrailStoke 60K, Revelstoke – 6h08m
08/29/14 – Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc CCC 101K – 21h13m
10/12/14 – Grizzly Ultramarathon 50K, Canmore – 5h49m
05/24/15 – Banff Burner (Sulphur Mountain vertical race) – 35min (1st)
06/26/15 – Mont Blanc Marathon 80K – 13h22m (25th)
09/19/15 – Mount Revelstoke Glacier Grind 43K – 4h56m (5th)
25/06/16 – Cortina Skyrace 20K – 2h26m

My International Trail Running Association (ITRA) Performance Index listing.

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